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Fragrances M-PFragrances M-P
  • Macintosh Apple-Just like fresh, juicy, Macintosh Apples. Our Macintosh Apple is so true, so realistic; you might find your mouth watering as you inhale the sweet scent of ripe apples and red peel, down to the little white specks in the peel!

  • Magnolia-This sweet, powdery floral has a strong scent, yet it is also very delicate.

  • Mandarin Plum-A sweet blend of fruity plum and citrus.

  • Mango Papaya-A favorite. Sweet, fruity, and tropical with a hint of citrus.

  • Mediterranean Fig-A vibrant blend of sweet, sun-ripened fig accented by playful apricot notes.

  • Meditation Exotica-Deep eastern spices, patchoulis and sandalwood sweetened with frankincense and grounded with light notes of nag champa and dragons blood. This candle scent has a relaxing vibe. Great for aromatherapy enthusiast.

  • Melon Berry Breezer: A luscious blend of juicy cantaloupe and sweet berries.

  • Midsummer Night-A masculine scent similar to Drakkar that is very clean and uplifting.

  • Moonlight Path-A sensual women's fragrance infused with lavender, violets and light musk. A delicate floral reminiscent of sultry night-blooming petals. A seductive, sensual silky scent that is very addictive!

  • Nag Champa-Nag Champa is an Indian aroma commonly found in the form of incense, but can also be used in other products such as soaps, candles, and massage oils. Our Nag Champa is an exotic bouquet of sandalwood, champa flowers, violet and clove delicately blended with sensual amber, ylang ylang, patchouli and musk. Many people believe that Nag Champa stimulates spirituality and meditation. A calming fragrance.

  • Ocean-Breathe in the fresh, salty scent of the ocean no matter where you are. Very crisp and clean. Scrunch the sand between your toes on a sandy beach with the warm salty breeze from the ocean brushing past your face. Just the right combination of salty sea and fragrant foliage.

  • Orange Blossom-Orange Blossoms, the flowers of orange trees, are attractive and enticingly aromatic. If you've ever been in Florida on a beautiful spring day, you'll be reminded of the orange blossom scent when you smell our fragrance oil. It's sweet, citrusy, fresh, and romantically pleasant. Orange blossom flowers have long been associated with good fortune and are commonly used in bridal bouquets. Sensual and uplifting.

  • Paris Twilight-An intriguingly romantic scent that captures the essence of an evening in Paris. Top Notes include tart cranberries, strawberries, citrus zest and a splash of white grapefruit. Middle notes include lavender, blueberry, creamy heliotrope, and chamomile. Bottom notes include vanilla sugar, whipped cream, warm amber and red berries.

  • Passion Fruit & Guava-A fun and tantalizing fragrance that explodes with tropical scents! The fruity freshness of crisp lemon zest, Brazilian orange, and grapefruit mingle with sheer guava, sweet granadilla, and peach. The tart, sweet, and soft scent of passion fruit blended with musk and vanilla will awaken your senses.

  • Patchouli-This is for all you 60's and 70's earthlings! Or for anyone who wants to escape their current life and reminisce about those fun and carefree college days. This is an earthy/woodsy type fragrance oil.

  • Peppermint & Eucalyptus-Invigorating blend with peppermint, patchouli, cedar wood and eucalyptus. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Patchouli and Peppermint.

  • Pink Sugar-A playfully soft women's fragrance with the sweetness of sugar, cotton candy, vanilla, musk and light florals. For the young and young at heart! An Aquolina perfume type.

  • Plumeria-A pleasantly sweet and multi-layered floral fragrance; soothing and relaxing. Plumeria is the traditional Lei Flower of Hawaii. A perfect combination of flower and spice to honor the Hawaiian culture. Soft and subtle.

  • Pomegranate-This fruity, sweet fragrance smells so delicious, it's almost sinful.

  • Purely Peppermint- A straight peppermint. Mint, mint, and more mint. Did we say mint?