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Fragrances G-LFragrances G-L
  • Gardenia-This beautiful and refreshing floral scent is reminiscent of an orchard in full bloom.

  • Georgia Peach-Peaches, Peaches... This one is popular and for good reason. It smells exactly like a basket of fresh peaches. The best description for this fragrance is "wipe the juice off your chin, it is sun ripened peach." An absolutely dead-on fresh juicy peach.

  • German Chocolate Cake-Smells just as delicious as the addicting chocolate cake itself with a sweet and nutty coconut frosting. Strong. For Candles Only!

  • Gingerbread Cookies- Bakery notes, molasses, ginger and other spices. Just like a warm batch of gingerbread cookies waiting to be devoured.

  • Ginger Lime-This is a well-balanced blend of classic fresh ginger scent accented and supported by a ripe perfumed lime fragrance. This is a zesty and fresh scent.

  • Ginger Peach-A nice blend of juicy peach with a touch of ginger spice.

  • Grapefruit-Smells just like a juicy bitter-sweet grapefruit! Without the juice squirting in your eye. Not for Candles!

  • Green Clover & Aloe-A cool fresh green scent of aloe and green clover.

  • Green Tea-The crisp, rejuvenating scent of green tea smells great in all of our products. A very clean and fresh scent.

  • Harvest Moon- This warm Autum scent will put you in the mood for hay rides and Halloween. Spicy cinnamon blends deliciously with orange peel, creamy vanilla, and light fruity tones. Hints of baked apples and oak give life to this multidimensional fragrance, while a warm bottom layer of musk and spices balance it all out. So cozy!

  • Heather-Like being on a misty hillside surrounded by the delicate scent of heather.

  • Heavenly -A soft smooth and creamy fragrance blended with white peony and white musk. Heavenly isn't just the name, it's also the way it smells and feels!

  • Himalayan Bamboo- A complex union of bamboo foliage and rich green florals. The subtle character of this fragrance is calming rather than overwhelming, so it is well suited for aromatherapy where room filling, and not house filling fragrance is desired.
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  • Home for the Holidays- A pleasing blend of spruce, lightly sweetened bakery notes, cinnamon spice, and candied fruits. Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season. Happy Holidays.

  • Honeysuckle-This lovely, sweet smelling floral is very delicate and a great spring-time and summer-time scent. If you have not smelled fresh honeysuckle or sucked the nectar out of the blossoms, then you have not been a child in the South!

  • Hyacinth-Soft and sensual. Smells just like hyacinth flowers. A clean, brisk floral - not at all cloying - like a slow stroll through a blooming bulb garden. This is a true floral! A very heady and strong Hyacinth, you can almost see a vivid dark purple spray of flowers as you sniff it!

  • Island Nectar-The scent of Island Nectar fragrance oil bursts with tropical excitement! Ripe mango, juicy pineapple and wild berries are blended with hints of sugar in this exotic creation. Shimmering green accents amplify the natural fruit sensation as hints of plumeria add texture to the fragrance. A base of coconut milk balances with hints of musk; for lasting sweetness!
  • Top - fruity, watery, pineapple, citrus

    Middle - tropical fruit, berry, green, floral

    Bottom - coconut milk, musk

  • Island Temptations-Intoxicating blend of mandarin oranges, exotic passion fruit, papaya, and apricot nectar intertwined with irresistible musk and coconut milk. This scent will whisk you away to the tropics! ~Tropical Passionfruit B&BW type~

  • Japanese Pear & Ginseng- A fabulous, sparking, Far-East fusion of green Japanese pear with bold, red ginseng. This oil is definitely a "clean and fresh" scent that carries notes of peach blossom, amber and a dry-down of musky vanilla reminiscent of a pampering day at a trendy, upscale spa.

  • Jasmine-An alluring and sensual floral. The exotic aroma of jasmine helps evoke a romantic mood and is also known to be a stress reliever. Jasmine is delicate, sweet, and flowery. Not overpoweringly sweet or cloying like Grandma's perfume.

  • Juniper Breeze: A refreshing scent of forest greens, jasmine, green apple and musk. Uplifting, fresh and invigorating! This is a wonderful scent. No bitter undertones. Not too sweet, not too green.

  • Lavender-The familiar lavender fragrance. This scent throw is very pleasant and sweet. Quite true to the real thing, our Lavender fragrance is more herbal than floral. A clean, relaxing scent.

  • Lavender & Chamomile: Calm your spirit with the soothing blend of freshly picked lavender and sweet chamomile flowers. This relaxing, peaceful fragrance will help relieve life's everyday stresses.

  • Lavender Martini- What do you get when you mix lavender with vodka, add a sprig of sage and basil, then kiss with white musk and a soft woodsy base? An upscale, spa-like scent that will make you scream!! Definitely NOT your average lavender scent...very clean and absolutely wonderful!!

  • Lilac-Strong and sweet floral. Smells like true lilacs in full bloom. You will find yourself standing in a field of fresh Lilac as you experience this amazing scent. You might even need to swat bees away!

  • Lime Cooler-This tropical citrus and fruit delight begins with notes of tart lime, refreshing orange and crisp apple. The fruity floral heart is a rose and black currant drying to a sweet vanilla plum. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Lime.

  • Love Spell-This is a very romantic scent, mixing light fruit, citrus, and florals. This is a fresh, sensuous fragrance.

  • Lucky's Pomegranate & Grapefruit-Our own fragrance mixture. Crisp Pomegranate with fresh Grapefruit. A perfect balance of citrus and fruit. The crisp citrus smell of the grapefruit, combined with the subtle sweetness of the pomegranate results in a fragrance that is balanced and fresh.